This Will Make You Eat Semolina More From Now On!

This Will Make You Eat Semolina More From Now On!
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Semolina is a popular food item that is used in preparing many breakfast recipes, porridge, halwa as it is very rich in nutritional qualities. It has no fats, no cholesterol and is very rich in iron and protein.

Here are some health benefits of Semolina that will make you include it in your diet not only for its amazing flavor but for its health benefits as well. It is very good in taste and easy to make.

  • Keeps Stomach Full

As semolina is made from drum wheat so it has fiber as well which helps in keeping the stomach full for long hours. This helps you in weight loss and also keeps you away from overeating. It gets digested by the body on a slower rate so it gives you a feeling of fullness for a longer time which makes you eat less in a day’s time.

  • Improves Heart Health

Semolina is very good for your heart health as it has high fiber that keeps cholesterol at bay and keeps heart healthy. It also contains selenium which which helps in preventing the infections and boosts the metabolism of the body too.

  • Prevents Anemia

Semolina is very rich in iron and it helps in building up hemoglobin in our body. Consuming a full bowl of semolina porridge on daily basis will increase the iron content in your body and keeps you free from low energy and immunity. Take 1 tbsp of semolina and dry roast it or add some ghee to it, now add enough milk to it so that it can boil in the milk well. Boil it for 5 minutes and then add little sugar with cardamom powder. Eat this on regular basis for a healthy breakfast or lunch.

  • Good For Bones

Semolina is rich in zinc and magnesium which treats the bones and strengthens them as well. It is also good for maintaining the nervous system and keeping the bones healthy. It keeps the bone density in check and keeps them strong.


  • Antioxidant

Semolina has selenium which provides antioxidant and prevents oxidation of cell membranes. It also helps in strengthening the immunity in the body. Consume semolina on daily basis to get rid of cell damage in the body.

  • High Cholesterol

Semolina is low in fat and cholesterol so it helps in lowering down the high cholesterol. It is also free from saturated fats and tans fatty acid which helps in prevention of high cholesterol. It helps in boosting the overall health and improves overall health as well.

  • Provides Energy

Semolina is rich in vitamins, minerals and iron along with carbohydrates which provides instant energy. Semolina flour is low in fat and high-carb which boosts your energy and keeps you active all day long.

  • Body Functions

Semolina has vitamins and minerals which helps in supporting good heart and kidney functions. Semolina has phosphorus which helps in metabolizing the energy and magnesium content helps in keeping the muscles healthy.