This Is How You Can Gain Weight On A Quicker Rate!

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This Is How You Can Gain Weight On A Quicker Rate!
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Being thin is almost a blessing for all in today’s stressful world. People often complain about weight gain and want to shed off extra weight. But there are certain people who would love to gain weight as they are too skinny. Here are some natural home remedies that helps in gaining the weight and adds some mass and muscle to your thin structure. These are safe for the body and gives results in few weeks when they are done regularly.

  • Banana

Banana is indeed used for weight gain as it is also an amazing energy booster. You need to consume 1 banana everyday with a glass of milk. Or you can also blend 1 banana in a glass of milk and drink banana shake on everyday basis for weight gain.


  • Potatoes

Potato is very rich in carbohydrates and it helps in weight gain. If you eat potatoes on everyday basis then it adds up few kilos to your body. You can eat boiled potatoes or add them in curries, sandwiches for weight gain. Add mayonnaise and veggies as well to eat potatoes in the form of a salad to gain weight.


  • Mango Shake

Shakes also helps in boosting the immunity and helps in weight gain as well. Drink mango shake twice in a day on daily basis for atleast a month. This will give you a rapid weight gain along with essential vitamins and minerals.

  • Ghee And Sugar

Eat ghee in small amounts but on regular basis to gain weight naturally. Take 1 tsp of ghee and add 1 tsp of sugar to it. Mix them well and then eat it 30 minutes before the meal to gain weight. Do this for 1 month on daily basis to gain weight naturally.


  • Yogurt

Yogurt is very rich in proteins and it helps in building up the body mass rapidly. Just eat 1 bowl of yogurt on daily basis and you will see weight gain in your body within a month.

Fitness girl in sport club

  • Pasta

Pasta is full of starch and carbohydrates and it leads to weight gain. It also gives essential minerals, vitamins and proteins to your body and thereby increases your calorie count as well. Adding some chicken or potatoes to it will help in weight gain and you will notice a change in your weight after a month.


  • Cheese

Cheese is rich in fat, proteins, calcium so it helps in weight gain effectively. Cottage cheese has higher amount of fat in it and it helps in rapid weight gain. It also adds up enough calories to your body that helps in muscle gain. Eat it in salad, pizza, pasta or sandwich just 30 minutes before the bed time and you will notice weight gain in your body.

  • Dandelion Root

This is a herb which helps in weight gain and also helps in enhancing the appetite. Just take few dandelion roots and boil them in a cup of water for 5 minutes. Strain this mixture and add little honey for a sweet taste and drink 2 cups of this tea on regular basis for weight gain. This will also increase the appetite and helps you in eating good amount of healthy food as well which will lead to a healthy weight gain.